Transformation: Laundry Room Edition

I am so disappointed in myself for not taking a before picture of our laundry room. We are really proud of how this transformation turned out, and we’re even more proud of the low budget it took to do it!! But to truly understand the transformation, first let me describe for you the old laundry room… It won’t take many words. Think pastel plaid wallpaper and an orange countertop. Okay, that was it.

Our vision was to make the laundry a place where we’d be happy to do one of our least favorite tasks… laundry! The counter space is amazing for folding clothes and the room itself is spacious enough to double as a mudroom. So there was our vision, and here’s how it turned out 🙂


IMG_2308       IMG_2310

Rather than taking down the wallpaper, we primed and painted over it. And you can’t even tell!!! It was risky, but it turned out great and the mint green really brightened up the room. Then we added a hanging rack by the window for clothes that need to be hung to dry and used a shelf that we found in storage to be a coat rack. The sports decor on top is both for show and functional… We like throwing the baseball or football in the backyard on pretty afternoons. And last but not least, the counter. You know what we did? We used our trusty friend, the canvas paint drop cloth (which you can also see in our Headboard DIY), and some velcro to cover the orange countertop without painting it or replacing it. The canvas covered the area perfectly, has stayed in place with the velcro, and helps to soften the room instead of making it look like a carrot 🙂

Very few expenses. A good bit of work. But now we have a functional space that is also aesthetically pleasing to our eyes! It’s amazing what a few little changes can do for a room!

What do you think?

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