Newest Fitness Challenge: Training for a Half!

Will & I just started training for a Half Marathon that’s at the end of January. It’ll be my third half and his first!! So far, the training has been great. But I’ll admit… We’re only technically on training week #2 🙂

Here’s what our training map looks like:


Will put it on our fridge so that we can’t go a day without looking at it and being held accountable. Smart boy. Also, for every week of consistent running on our plan, we’ll earn an ice cream!! This serves a few purposes. 1. We don’t crave ice cream ALL THE TIME (it really is that much of a problem for us haha) because it’s not forbidden. 2. We can have our treat… but ONLY if we work for it. 3. It makes us want to run, run, run as much as we can so that we don’t forfeit our weekly indulgence!

We’ll keep you posted as the training goes on. As you can see it jumps up the mileage pretty quickly. But with less than 100 days until the Charleston Half Marathon (yep, we’re using it as our excuse to visit beautiful Charleston, SC) we don’t have much time to go!

Happy Running, friends!

Oh! And I just bought a new pair of Karhus, which I highly recommend, from Dash in Downtown Thomasville, which I also highly recommend. There is nothing like a new pair of running shoes to get you motivated 🙂

What do you think?

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