We’ve been married a quarter of a year!!!!

Will & I have never been the anniversary-types. He refused to call our dating anniversary an anniversary. It was Rock Day. And then the One Year Memorial of Rock Day and so on… By the time our anniversary of our engagement came around, we were married. So we acknowledged the events of the previous year hour by hour, but it wasn’t considered an anniversary.

And while all this might sound like we’ve downplayed significant times of our relationship (which we didn’t… I got flowers and love notes for each special occasion) or maybe not cared to notice how far we’ve come (which is far from the truth… thats one of those things that’s hard not to notice), today I am thankful that we never called anything an “anniversary”. Because now the word is given new meaning when I hear it. It’s special. Something that’s been saved and set apart. It’s something all new and exciting and it kinda gives me butterflies.

My parent’s anniversary was this past week. They went on a cruise and celebrated their 26 years of marriage from paradise. And while they were away, it made me think a lot about anniversaries and get so excited about what it will be like to celebrate the time marker of mine and Will’s marriage every year from here to forever! Our anniversary… our annual occasion to be a little extra romantic, a little more sentimental than the average day (which might be hard to top), and a whole lotta focused on each other. That sounds better than a birthday! Obviously, I love any chance to celebrate, and every day should be a celebration. What better to celebrate than love? Am I right?

So while I won’t call today our 3 month “anniversary” (it’s really all just semantics), I’d love to share that I have had the most wonderful quarter of a year being Mrs. Collins and I can only imagine where my enthusiasm will be on our first anniversary together as a married couple!!

What do you think?

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