Forever the Mess Hall…

If you know me just a little you might know a few things about me that I could literally talk about for hours on end (hence why I blog about them instead).

One of those things, or groups of people rather, are the youth group from Classic City Community Church. My sophomore year of college I was on a youth ministry-high from doing Crossfire (a traveling summer youth ministry) and wanted to find a place to pour out this passion. My good friend, Liz, mentioned that Classic City was looking for some volunteers to work with youth. I had never stepped foot in that church, but I emailed the pastor anyway and told him of my interest. The next thing I know I was invited to a dinner with 7 other college students and told that we, 8 young college students, were going to START the youth ministry at the church. What?! I thought I was just going to help out, not plan, organize, and begin a ministry that didn’t exist yet!! But did I run away? Nope. None of us did. Along with the other 7 brave friends that I still love and cherish the youth ministry was born and we named it the Connection.

Fast forward 4 years and I leave my beloved Athens and my beloved youth that have truly become brothers and sisters to me. Seriously, sometimes I liked hanging out with them more than I liked hanging out with people my age haha. So when given the chance to have these wonderful individuals come spend a weekend with Will & I in our new home in Thomasville… I jumped on that!

Our good friend, Josh, brought the kiddos and leaders down for a weekend focused on service, growing as a group, and spending the day at the beach 🙂 We had an absolute blast having a house FULL of people (even with the majority of those people being boys ages 11-14… they’re our faves) and I pray that we get the opportunity to open up our home in that way many, many more times in our lifetime.

A few weeks after their visit, I still hadn’t taken down the “Mess Hall” sign the group had hung in our kitchen. I had also requested that a HILARIOUS photo taken of one of the boys be sent to me immediately to hang on my fridge… I was half joking, but I’m so glad they knew that I really wasn’t joking at all. In our mailbox one day we got the sweetest letter, that wonderful photo, and a perfect token of appreciation that had our hearts written all over it… a Downtown Athens gift card for our next visit to our favorite little college town. I know it sounds silly… but even now, a whole month after their visit, I look at that Mess Hall sign, Tommy’s silly photo, and the I ❤ Athens sticker on our fridge and am reminded of my friends, my heart for that city/ ministry/ church, and how important it is that I continue to walk alongside that piece of my heart in prayer and petition. Prayers that bigger things than I could ever imagine with shake Athens. Mmmm, my heart.


And I’m not kidding… Our kitchen, for as long as I’m concerned, will forever be the mess hall!

What do you think?

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