#93 – Be a bridesmaid.

I feel like it’s only fitting that the first wedding party I got to be a part of was the wedding party of my bestie since Kindergarten and her beau who’s been my friend from church since we were tiny babies!


Here’s what being a bridesmaid meant to me:

  • During the entire engagement/ wedding planning season, I had the complete honor of praying for my wonderful friends and their future together. Even though Claire and I haven’t lived in the same town in years now, our friendship is one that has not been diminished by time or distance, and I owe that all to the Lord. Being a silent servant for them was a complete joy for me. And I think my prayers were answered for them in every way thinkable.
  • Not only did I get to silently serve through prayer, but I also got to help Claire with the fun details that girls get to think of while planning a wedding! Everything from invitation design, to bridesmaid dresses, to wedding day earrings were talked/ giggled/ dreamed about. And then we got to see them all come to life on her wedding day! So cool!
  • I got to spend Claire’s wedding day with her! I even got to be the last person she slept with in a bed before her husband!!! Haha. The quality time was all kinds of meaningful to me and its definitely a time I’ll never forget.
  • I got to play dress up! I love playing dress up with my girl friends and the group of girls Claire had by her side were so much fun to be with! Most of them have been my friends since childhood, so it was like a reunion where we were all just given the chance to be princesses and think about nothing but love, love, love all day. Any girl’s dream πŸ™‚
  • I was able to witness a wedding totally directed by the Lord. It rained. Claire was sad. And it looked like the wedding of her dreams might have been washed out. And then the rain stopped, the clouds separated, and I witnessed the most GORGEOUS sunset I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Not exaggerating. While the weather wasn’t ideal, I know the Lord has his hand on that day and on Claire and gave her the perfect sunset for pretty photos under the beloved oak tree as a wedding gift. What a cool cool thing to see and be a part of.
  • After years… I mean yeeeeeeeears of dreaming about our wedding days together, Claire and I got to be a part of each other’s. And it was absolute magic. Best friends, both marrying Will’s, whose love and support for one another grows stronger with every year (we’re up to 18 now)… That is a special special thing. And being a bridesmaid was just the icing on the cake of this perfect friendship. Mmm… tears of joy just thinking about how blessed I am. Love you, Bear. Can’t wait to be friends forever… literally πŸ™‚

I loved being a bridesmaid. I loved getting to celebrate a marriage that I 100% support. And I loved getting to stand beside my amazing friends as they said their vows. Weddings are cool. I think I’d like to attend many more in my lifetime πŸ™‚ And maybe even be a bridesmaid again someday!

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