Juicy Juice!

One thing that I just wanted so badly from our wedding registry was a juicer. I’m not sure why, really. Maybe my love for smoothies, my obsessions with healthy blogs, or the fact that I just wanted appliances for my new Susie-Homemaker kitchen… Either way, my wonderful Aunt Carol & Uncle Tracy got me one and I was ecstatic!! Imagine. Making juice! From fresh fruit!

So here’s what I did…

Image I pulled all of random fruits and veggies of the fridge (including 2 gorgeous peaches from our wedding. Don’t worry… I made this juice back in August, not today haha).

Image Then, I shoved it all down the tube…


And easy as that, DELICIOUS FRESH JUICE!

I especially loved the fact that none of my fruit/veggies went to waste. What didn’t make juice made a great fresh compote to put on our pancakes that week. Think carrot cake, but better 🙂

I can’t wait to make some green juices and maybe even do a detox, especially since we just started training for a half marathon (blog post coming soon on that topic!). If you have any suggestions for beginner juicers, send them my way. I’m so excited to put my monster juicer to work this fall!

What do you think?

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