#90 – Introduce someone to their spouse.

Moment of honesty: I can’t actually take credit for either of these couples (because I know that THEY are the ones that formed a relationship that works and is lasting and built on love) but I do like to think that these 2 lovely couples, that are so dear to my heart, are in a small part where they are today because of me! More than I want to make this sound like “Oh Ginger, you match maker, you!”, I just want to point out how amazing it is when you introduce 2 people and then get to attend their wedding… That’s stinking cool.

I’ll start with the pair that I actually almost didn’t let happen. Stephanie and Ken.


Ken and I were good friends in high school and when we got to UGA, he was pretty much hanging out with Chelsea and I in our dorm room in Brumby all the time (probably because he wanted to meet girls… which he did!) One day I got home from class and Ken was hanging out with Chels and Steph in my room. When Stephanie left the room, Ken talked about how cute she was asked me for her number… I said NO! Haha. So again, I really can’t take credit for this. But I didn’t want him hitting on my new friends! Hahaha. Well eventually he got her number out of me (or maybe just out of my phone) and they started hanging out. 4 years later, Will and I got to be in their cloud of witnesses and celebrate the start of their new life together alongside one of the funniest and most genuine couples I know 🙂 Amazing how things work out!

The other couple I would REALLY love to take credit for (but probably can’t/ shouldn’t) is Will & Claire, aka 2 of the oldest and sweetest friends from childhood and beyond.


Will & I have known each other for as long as I can remember. Literally, I think we met when I was 2 and he was 3… Babiesssss. Claire & I met in Kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. To know two people for 18-20 years of your life… Not many people have those sort of people in their lives! Claire started coming to church with me when we were about 7, and that’s where Will & I were friends from. So I may not have been the one to tell them to shake hands and be friends, but I did know them both before they knew each other 🙂 And then I was blessed enough to watch their entire relationship bloom and grow. From 10th grade drama and heartbreak to the most beautiful wedding on the perfect rainy day… I am so spoiled to call myself a friend to these two amazing people who are now man and wife (and currently on their honeymoon in Jamaica!)

I would never want to claim something I didn’t do, so I’ll close with this… Two amazing couples have been brought together and I’ve been amazed and honored to witness them both. If I happen to be the common denominator that united them, cool! But honestly, I think that only the Lord could take credit for that 🙂

What do you think?

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