Adventures as Newlyweds

I’ve been meaning to post this post for nearly 3 months now. Yep, we’ve almost been married 3 months! But I think it’s been good to give this post some time because with each new day there’s another adventure. I’ll just highlight 2 of the funniest ones… but believe me (and you’ll see from my soon-to-post catch-up blogs) that are billions of these weird little adventurous stories to share already in our marriage! Haha. Again, defining words of marriage so far… pure joy, lots of laughs, and looooots of ice cream 🙂

Adventure #1: The Neverending Water Faucet

The very first night we were in our new home we almost flooded the place. The shower upstairs in our house has always been a challenge for me to turn off, but this night it just flat BROKE. So right before bedtime on our first night back from our honeymoon, I’m filling up buckets of water and pouring down the sink to prevent the overflow of the tub and Will is running all around trying to shut off the water completely! Literally images were flashing before my eyes of our bedroom filled with water and us swimming out of the house. Haha. It was crazy to say the least (and I haven’t attempted to shower upstairs since) but it definitely 1. made us work as a team, 2. made us use those communication skills under pressure and 3. made us laugh (and then reward ourselves with ice cream).

Adventure #2 – The Ninja Lizard

One evening while Will & I were just chilling in our living room, Will spotted a little lizard hanging out on our mantle. Immediately I got excited because I wanted to catch him (and maybe keep him as a pet). But that booger ran up the bricks behind our mantle, dodged our trap (a plate and cup… very inventive of us) and jumped off the mantle… never to be seen again. I’m telling you, we moved the couch. We stomped our feet and made a ton of noise. I even checked the bookshelf (although that would have been a REALLY impressive leap) and we never saw our lizard friend again. Moral of this story… There’s still a lizard in our house somewhere.

Now these are just some silly stories of the crazy moments that life has thrown us so far. And as silly as it may be, they’re some of my favorites. Laughing from your gut with your best friend by your side and saying “Did that really just happen?!”… It’s just one of the things I’m loving about life right now. Can’t wait for more lizards and plumbing issues and whatever else married life has to throw at us 🙂 Just hopefully not literally.

What do you think?

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