The Office (Installment #2)

When I wrote the first installment about my obsession with the office space in our new home I mentioned a lovely little couch that would be just perfect for the space and atmosphere. The Duncan Phyfe.

Classic. Pretty. Functional. And just the piece to make a starter home feel like a million bucks (even when we obviously don’t have those kinds of funds in our home décor budget).

My parents, aside from being 2 of my favorite people in the entire world, are extremely generous and thoughtful. They’ve heard me talk about stealing that sofa from their basement for years now, even before I knew there would even be a place to put it in my future not-dorm abode. The one thing they picked up on though, that I honestly tried to downplay, was the concern of the fabric. While it wasn’t the original upholstery it was DEFINITELY from the late 70’s. (This couch was actually inherited from my great-uncle Bob. There’s a photo of he and I sitting on it all snuggled up when I was about 2… Cuteness.) While vintage is all the rage, this fabric needed some loving that I wasn’t convinced a steam cleaning would give it. So what did my parents do? As a wedding gift to Will and I they let us pick the fabric and then reupholster the Duncan. Double yay!! Not only did we get the sofa… we got to choose how we wanted it to look after a facelift! Amazinggggggg gift. And so so thoughtful.

Here it is in it’s place!


While this picture makes it look yellow our newly loved Duncan Phyfe is a gorgeous cream color with white floral embroidery throughout. As if I weren’t in love with the room already…

Really, you should just come see our office for yourself. It’s kinda my fave 🙂

What do you think?

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