Well hey there, bloggie!

Holy cow, ya’ll. 1. How is it September? 2. How did I miss a whole month of blogging?!

Well… I’ll tell you how. Here are a few things that have kept me away:

  • I have a husband. Now Will hasn’t intentionally or explicitly blocked me from blogging. But let’s face it, spending time with my favorite person is better than spending time typing. End of story. We are having so much fun being married, and our first 2 months of marriage have been nothing less than perfect. Lots of walks through downtown, LOTS of ice cream (shhhhh), lots of running (which is why we don’t feel bad about the ice cream), and lots of laughs. Sooooo many laughs. I don’t know if we’ve gotten funnier or if our senses of humor have started to merge into the same (definitely the former 🙂 ) but our giggle boxes get overturned all the time. It’s a great way to live. And in addition to all the fun we’ve also had a 24/7 prayer buddy, encourager, and listener, which is really fun too! So that guy… he’s to blame for the minimal blogging.
  • I have a job. And I am falling more in love with it each day. I get to wake up every morning, drive half an hour south (and across the state line), and arrive at a place where I am endlessly blessed by little munchkins who are SO smart and SO full of love and SO silly. And then I get to spend my whole day there. No lie… the days are loooooong and they aren’t without physical, mental, and even emotional draining. But are they worth it? Oh yes. I am learning so much about why I love kids with disabilities, how to love kids right where they’re at (even if its screaming and kicking), and how to then take that love and turn it into an education. Powerful stuff. And with an average of 35-40 hours a week (plus the commute)… they’re to blame for my minimal blogging.
  • I am finishing a degree. Oh lordy, ya’ll. I am going to JUMP FOR JOY when I have my second diploma from UGA in my hand. The education has been amazing. The classes have been challenging, rewarding, and without a doubt preparing me for my future… but I’m ready for the future NOW. I’m enjoying my crazy, at-a-distance from Athens, last semester. My research is fun (mostly because the proposal is written haha) and I am reminded each and every day how lucky I am for having be invited/ accepted to such a POWER HOUSE program as the one at UGA. But the light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright and I am running to it. So the papers… are to blame for my minimal blogging.
  • I have a life! Haha. But really. It’s so great that even with the busier than usual schedule Will and I are getting the opportunity to visit with friends and family on the weekends and just live alongside the people we love! Hallejuiah! I’ve been plan ol’ living… which is to blame for my minimal blogging.

So there you have it. LIFE! Its beautiful and fun and wonderful. But it’s happening SO fast and doesn’t look like it’s gonna slow down anytime too soon. I think I’m okay with that 🙂

(And here come all the catch-up blogs of things I’ve been excited to share. Oops! Enjoy!)

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