#62 – Write at least 1 letter weekly for 6 months. 24/24

If you know me just a little you might know that I am obsessed with stationary (especially anything from Rifle Paper Co.) and have loved writing letters ever since I started going to summer camp back in elementary school. Not only do I love receiving mail, but I also really love sending it. Even thank you notes get me pumped!

So I wanted to challenge myself (while also blessing a special friend of mine) by writing 6 months worth of non-stop weekly mail 🙂 Ms. Chelsea Fenn was my target. And can I just tell you that if there is anyone who loves writing letters as much if not more than me… it’s her. So my mailbox was always spilling over as well! What a gem 🙂

The intentional letter writing began in the early parts of 2013. I say this because letters have always been a part of mine & Fenn’s friendship, but this was the first time ever since we became friends that we were living in different cities. I had it on my heart to shower her. Daily if possible! With letters on letters on letters! Sometimes silly, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes a mixture of the two. And then during camp season, I did write my dear Frannie a letter a day… And boy oh boy was that the coolest experience ever. Writing prayers weeks in advance that she would then tell me were spot on. And getting to be a part of what I know was a phenomenal summer for my fran.

And while I say all of this (and kinda feel weird about it… because I don’t want this to be about how I blessed her, I’m so awesome, what a nice thing to do, blah blah blah) HER DELIGHT in my letters was a bigger gift to me than I think any piece of paper with a stamp on it could ever be. There’s something magical about having a pen pal.

I’m blessed to have mine be my best friend 🙂 May the mail be ever in our favor!

Ps. Fenn has a blog now. Go follow her at http://captivatingaffirmation.wordpress.com/

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