#33- Go on an amazing vacation to a far away place. (aka. the honeymoon — Alaska!)


Let us just observe this gorgeousness… Wow. And the pictures don’t even do it justice. Alaska was quite possibly the most wonderful, beautiful, untouched place I’ve journeyed to in my life thus far.

And to make it better… I GOT TO GO WITH MY HUSBAND!!! That may have also been a factor in it being the best trip ever šŸ™‚

We went on an Alaskan cruise and got to see 5 cities up the Pacific Coast.

Our first stop was Ketchikan, a precious little fishing village that just happens to have a giant port for cruise ships in it. While we were there, we took a trip about 20 minutes outside of the city to go sea kayaking… ridiculously fun! And we saw baby seals, bald eagles, and starfish.

Then we journeyed north to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. Naturally, we toured the capital building haha. It was actually really interesting and gave me a greater respect and appreciation for Alaska as one of our Nifty Fifty. Then we took a bus to the Mendenhall Glacier… Wowza. It was really an incredible, HUGE, lovely chunk of ice. And our adventurous spirits took us off the well-traveled path and into the wilderness a bit. There were even warning signs for bears! But we didn’t see any… I was slightly disappointed… but not really haha.

Stop number three was Skagway, a precious little gold-rush town. And when I say little I mean we walked the whole town in half an hour. After our city exploration we went up into the mountains (where the gold-rush really happened) and went horseback riding. The sites were incredible and Will got to experience his first equestrian expedition! Post-ride, we went on a 3-mile, up mountain hike to a lake. Yet again, gorgeous (our 800 photos from the trip prove that).

One of our favorite stops was in Canada! What?! Victoria, British Columbia is everything I want in a city… for real. It’s walkable. Has a great music scene. Lots of cool shopping and food. There were lovely European-style buildings mixed with skyscrapers and everything was green. Everything. Our evening in Victoria was magical… and made us sing Oh Canada a little.

Finally, we set sail and docked in Seattle and before we returned home we got to spend a whole day being tourists. We went to the Space Needle, what we thought was the original Starbucks, the actual original Starbucks, and Pikes Place Market. The market was my fave… especially when we got a fresh afternoon snack consisting of a peach and plum. Yum!

Magnificent scenery. Great memories. And the best companion. I’d say it was a fairytale vacation for the record books šŸ™‚


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