Grad School Update

Summer time! Beach. Sunshine. Freedom. No school! Right?? WRONG!

But hey, I’m 2 semesters through grad school and a much stronger student and future educator because of this amazing opportunity. This summer is all about laying the foundation for the grand finale… The Applied Project!

The summation of my Master’s degree will be epitomized by a research project with REAL kids in a REAL setting making a REAL difference on their lives. So this summer I get to design, dream, and figure out what I’d like to focus on in the fall. By no means will next fall be easy academically (with 2 classes, research, and balancing a new job) but I am so ready to be back with kiddos… It’s been too long.

One more semester (I pray…) and then I’ll be DONE!!!!! So so thankful for all that I’ve learned and I truly can’t wait to apply it and make a difference in the lives of some awesome kids with autism.

What do you think?

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