That one week we had a puppy…

Well remember all the excitement and puppy prep I’ve been writing about? It definitely comes to a different ending than expected. Still a happy ending. Just different. Will & I decided after less than a week with the sweet angel pup (really… she was perfect…) that our soon-to-be family of 2 wasn’t ready for a third member just yet.

The Lord is GRACIOUS. That’s what this week has taught me. And here’s some reasons why adopting Addie for a short time was no mistake.

  1. Lessons in trust – I’ll admit it… I was stubborn about letting her go. While I could tell that my sweet fiance was unsettled, I wanted to keep that darn dog!! “We’ve invested too much already.” “We just can’t give up!” “Give it a week and it’ll feel normal.” But ultimately, it wasn’t about wants (because Will really wanted her too). It was about needing what was going to be best for us as newlyweds. And as a bride-to-be, I was only at total peace when I totally trusted that my future hubby’s doubts and fears were legitimate and with our best interests in mind and then took action alongside him.
  2. Lessons in listening – Wow. This goes along with the trust lesson but goes deeper. I think this week I learned that listening is more than just hearing words. It’s hearing the heart behind those words… or even just hearing the heart when there aren’t any words spoken. Without truly listening to Will and to the Lord this week I think our story would’ve had a different outcome… but I don’t know that it would have been a wise one.
  3. Lessons in commitment – If there is one thing I am sure of it is that Will Collins will never do anything halfway. When we’re committed, it must be 100%. The answer of “not now” doesn’t mean not ever… but I don’t think that sweet man will ever only give half of his heart to a commitment. And for that I am thankful!!!!
  4. Lessons in prioritizing our marriage – We’ve heard it in our pre-marital counseling. We’ve heard it from mentors and loved ones. We’ve even prepared and prayed about it together for almost a year now. And this exercise in trust, listening, and commitment solidified the head-knowledge into heart-knowledge. This upcoming year is for US. Not in a selfish way. Not in an exclusive, we’ll-never-be-with-others way. Just in a way that honors our marriage and our promise to live and love side-by-side forever as something that is set apart. And as silly as it may sound, this even includes not having pups.
  5. Sacrifice isn’t a bad thing – Just because we gave up Addie doesn’t mean we lost by any means. If anything, I think we were able to gain wisdom, knowledge, and the peace of knowing that our time is our time and our marriage isn’t what will be sacrificed in the upcoming year. With this being said, sacrifice isn’t an easy or pleasant thing. But ultimately when you sacrifice your own selfish desires, you gain exponentially more!
  6. God’s perfect timing – This is maybe the coolest part of the whole thing. Originally our plan was to pick up Addie on June 1st. But Will got so excited that we asked if we could get her a week early. Had we not done that, she would not have been able to go to the wonderful home she’s headed to now in Missouri because the train would’ve already left the station! (That’s a metaphor.) But really… There wouldn’t have been a way for us to change our minds at that point.
  7. God provides – While we were most nervous about finding her a new home, a friend of Asia’s had called just a few days before asking about Addie. AMAZING how the Lord was putting his plan into action and providing a new home for the sweet baby before we even knew it wasn’t meant to be!


We had no idea what kind of adventure this was really going to be, and it’s AMAZING how much bigger and better it was than we could have ever expected! I guess it’s true… God really does work in mysterious ways.


Thanks, Addie girl. We’re better for having known you 🙂

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