#76 – Have a year of cookies (May 2013) 10/13

Ya’ll. I cheated this month. With moving and moving and moving again I was not feeling very creative nor was there really time to gather the goodies for a unique/ never-before seen/ one-of-a-kind cookie. So I did this instead…

ImageThe cookie-brownie was bound to be a part of the Cookie of the Month club and no one, I mean NO ONE, does it better than Betty… So I let her help me out 🙂

I won’t go into details on how to make them or tips and tricks on the best results because… well… directions are on the box at your nearest supermarket. Haha. BUT they were 100% fiance approved and devoured. AND we had one egg (just one… not even in a carton) rolling around the fridge so I just HAD to make them. You know, keeping the fridge tidy and all.


Noms. Successful month. I promise June will be more creative. I’ll be back in Athens with roomies who are terrible influences when it comes to sweets and self-control and I’ll be Pinteresting up a storm. Until then… head to Publix and enjoy!

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