Puppy Prep!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we’re getting ready to add a PUPPY (well, she’s a year old) to our quaint little soon-to-be-family! While I will definitely introduce her early next week, I’ve been having a ton of fun prepping for the pup 🙂

Will is definitely the practical one. Checking the fence for holes, being sure that all electrical outlets are covered, suggesting purchases such as food… dog bowls… collars/leashes… And then there’s me. I’m all about the homemade indoor bed cover that’s pretty, the barn-like dog house that’s cute, and toys… lots of toys. Together, I think we’re ready!

We made this indoor dog bed for the sweet pup using the remainder of the mattress pad that we cut up for the couch cushions. Then I hand-stitched an over-sized pillow case to make it stylish 🙂

Image Image

Pretty proud of this thing… and that fact that it’ll be easy to clean!

Image Image

And then there’s the preciousness I call the barn… It’s just the cutest!


So we’re READY!!! Just a few more days and a whole new adventure begins! The puppy adventure!

What do you think?

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