Transformation: Desk Edition

Will & I are all about the DIY projects. They are teamwork exercises, typically cheaper than other decor options, and we get to recycle classic pieces that we already own and give them a second life!

This week (with the focus still being our office space) we recovered Will’s double-sided desk. I don’t even know how old the desk is, but if weight is any indication of age it is OLD. Getting it down the stairs was a challenge… and a workout haha.

The desk itself is in amazing condition. The top was covered with an olive green leather though. The color actually didn’t bother me at all. It was quite nice. But as you can see, there were some rips in the leather that just made it look a little run-down.

ImageSo I purchased a yard of leather from Joann’s (Online… Using a 40% off coupon from… My fave site for savings!) and we got to work!

Image Image Image

It was as simple as removing the molding, ripping off the old leather, laying down the new leather and nailing the molding back on 🙂 Not too tough! And the finished product is something we’re really proud of. The only issue… I made the genius decision to put white leather on top. GORGEOUS finish. But no drinks will be allowed in the office… ever!



What do you think?

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