The Office (Installment #1)

When planning for mine and Will’s new home my number 1 priority has been the office space. I’ve been laughed at, teased, and picked on because I literally OBSESS over this room.


But now do you see why?!

I’ve dreamed of this navy blue room with a gold rug, my Duncan Phyfe sofa, a tripod lamp, a record player, and our guitars for months now. While it’s definitely not finished it’s off to a pretty darn good start.

Aside from it being pretty, this room is important to me for a pretty legit reason. Will and I have been dating long-distance for 2 years now and it was really important in my mind while envisioning the house to have a place with no technology, no distractions, and plenty of space to just be. Be together. Be silly. Be musical. Be whatever! The other rooms in the house will have thought put into them as well (don’t you worry) but the office will be unlike the rest because it is a room just for us. And our guests, of course. But it’s a place where we can make up for some lost time whether its playing our guitars together, reading books on the sofa, shuffling around papers on the desk, or listening to the sweet sounds of some of our favorites artists while playing with the pup… Okay, pup isn’t allowed in the office. That rug is too clean!

Future installments coming soon! As is that pup… 🙂

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