And so begins a new chapter…

Life in Athens (aside from a summer class) is pretty much done for now. School is wrapping up. Work is over. And now I’m transitioning into nomad-mode.

Well… kinda.

IT’S MOVING DAY TO THOMASVILLE!!!! While I won’t really live in Thomasville officially until after the wedding, our hope is that the house can be put together for the most part this summer so that once we are married it’s just a matter of putting the clothes in the drawers and starting life together!


You just don’t realize how much JUNK you have until you pack it into a car… But I am SO excited to get settled in (at least a little) and start making our nest a little more comfortable and a lot more US.

PS… Upon arrival in Thomasville, there was this.


I’d say it’s a good start to a good life!

What do you think?

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