#21 – Ask my grandparents to individually tell me their testimonies. 1/2

This blog post wasn’t actually intended to meet a goal, but then when I remembered that I had set this goal it was just perfect!

Yesterday I got to spend a really special day with a really special woman. My Ooma. If you don’t know (or at least know about) Ooma then you probably don’t know me very well haha. We always tease her about talking about me a lot since I’m her only grandchild, but the truth is I talk about her a lot too 🙂

We started the day with my mommy at a fabric store in Covington. I always love it when it’s the three of us. There’s something really special about mommys and daughters and the fact that while we’re three generations, we’re all really close friends too. After we split ways with mom, I took Ooma to Athens. The trip there was great with both of us sharing stories. Then I got to take her to one of my favorite spots for lunch… Mamas Boy! We giggled and laughed all through lunch, but then Ooma also shared some memories with me that I don’t know I had ever heard before. We talked about her faith journey.

Apparently in Ooma & Grandaddy’s Sunday school class recently they were challenged to think about their faith journey (aka. testimony/spiritual path/”story”/etc.) Ooma said she hadn’t written hers out but I asked her to tell me some bits and pieces. It was so sweet to hear about how my great-grandparents raised her in church, how she became a leader in her college ministry because of the loving trust of a mentor, and how she and Grandaddy built their relationship on their shared faith and continue to grow with one another and challenge each other after 50+ years of marriage.

After our day together I was again reminded how special my family is to me. My parents and grandparents have really ALWAYS been there for me, comforted me with love, and taught me how to do the same for others. I just wonder how I got so lucky 🙂

What do you think?

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