#38 – Complete 10 random acts of kindness. 3/10

Once upon a time I bought the perfect $5 watch from Kohl’s. Then, being me, I lost it… Ever since I’ve been looking in the jewelry department of every store trying to find a cheap watch that I like as much as that one. But I just haven’t been lucky. So when I was given a $5 off coupon for jewelry at Target I just knew it was destiny. I’d get my new watch. Get a discount (which I loooooove). And move on with life.

Well, I didn’t find it. Haha. And I didn’t want the coupon to take up space in my wallet anymore but I can’t bear to throw away a perfectly good coupon! So it was time for a random act of kindness to bless a stranger that I’ll probably never meet.


Strategically I put the coupon on the rack of watches that I’d debated over hoping that maybe a little discount might help someone else buy their dream watch for an affordable price 🙂 If you’re in the search for a dream watch, head to the Target in John’s Creek ASAP! Maybe it’s still there!

What do you think?

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