Bachelorette Weekend!!!

Not to exaggerate and not to make it a competition, but I have the best friends in the entire world 🙂


This weekend some of my lovely ladies took time out of their busy lives to take me to the beach for a fun getaway weekend to celebrate #wilgerwedding!!!! Honestly, it was just the best. We didn’t have a place to be or a thing to do but sit on the beach with our toes in the sand, giggle, reminisce about all the fun times we’ve had together, and relax!!!!

There were three really special things about this weekend that I’ll be forever thankful for.

1. Now all of my friends are friends! It was weird going into the weekend because I realized that these 6 women who I’m very close to weren’t all very close to each other. But that changed in no time! College friends and kindergarten friends were laughing together. Friends who had somehow never met before now how inside jokes. And it was just exactly what I didn’t even know that I needed. My mini-communities all coming together and loving every minute of it!

2. Not that I love being treated like a diva princess, but I do… Haha. And every single detail of the trip had me in mind. Ridiculously spoiled and loved. I’m okay with it though 🙂 Fenn even planned a game where she taped Will answering questions and I had to guess what he’d say. It was so much fun and I was amazed by the time and effort put into it just for me!! So so sweet.

3. And finally (because I love making lists…), the best part of the whole weekend was just that we were there. All there. No distractions. Not even very much technology (except for Instagram… sorry for blowing it up haha). We were just together and that was enough. And we were all able to have a good time with no stress or to-do lists or drama. It was just the refresher I needed to start the summer.

So ladies, thank you! I can’t say it enough. And I will truly never forget our perfect little fling before the ring 🙂

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