“Want to do something stupid?”

When asked this question by Mr. Will “future hubby” Collins my answer is always/ will always be YES!

1. Because I know he doesn’t actually mean something stupid that would put me in danger, make people question my decisions, or embarrass me.

2. Because this is an invitation to spontaneity. And I’m always down for that.

And 3. Because. Why not?!

So this question was asked to me this Saturday and immediately I knew what it meant. It meant we were going to meet halfway for a date (which we have actually never done before… Because Will selflessly treks a gazillion miles to Athens… I’m spoiled.) So that’s just what we did. We drove to the midway point, which happens to be Macon, ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, shopped, and got Starbucks. Talk about a killer date!

And the beauty in all of this was that we were both just giddy the whole night. In part of course because we were together. But also because we BOTH had to commit to a CRAZY plan in a matter of minutes and then just GO for it! We only have so much time left to be doing these crazy/stupid acts of love before we’re in the same town! (Then we’ll just have to get creative with day-dates haha.)

Stupid is as stupid does, I guess 🙂 And I hope I get brownie points for the Forrest reference!

What do you think?

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