Cool App for Cool Causes

Charity Miles. This is literally the coolest app I’ve ever had on my iPhone. Ever.

Here’s how it works:

  • -Download the app.
  • -Pick a charity to walk/run/bike for.
  • -GO! Get active!
  • -For every 1 mile your walk/run you donate 25 cents to your chosen charity. For every mile you bike its 10 cents.
  • -Be proud because you just exercised AND helped people… all at once!


A friend introduced me to the app and I was in love. Not only did it inspire me to pray for the organizations I was donating to. IT MADE ME WANT TO WORKOUT SO MUCH MORE! A workout motivated by raising money for autism research (I chose Autism Speaks as my charity… I might be a little biased toward them) was the most fulfilling workout I’ve ever had.

Be an active-ist!!

What do you think?

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