Shower #1

To celebrate with family and be given items for OUR new home made the whole “we’re getting married” thing a lot more concrete for me. In saying this, obviously I haven’t been in denial about that AT ALL. But it just made it feel like “Wow, its close”, “Wow, its for real”, and “Wow, we are soooooo supported and loved”.

The first shower was super special. Here’s some reasons why:

  1. It was hosted by my dad’s side of the family. These are my only cousins (first cousins, at least) and we all live on the family land so every holiday for as long as I can remember, we’ve been together. My mom’s family got to be there too! And my dad’s cousins (who are practically like aunts and uncles to me) threw the shower so it felt like a BIG occasion. You know… Christmas… Easter… someone’s having a baby… someone’s getting married… Oh yeah! That’s me 🙂
  2. Will and his family were there! We are blessed to come from such loving families. And even more blessed that our loving families already love one another.
  3. My younger cousins killed a snake… and then brought it in for show-and-tell while we were eating lunch. Hahahaha! Like for real, I loooooooved that moment. So funny. So memorable. And just typical of family gatherings. It was awesome haha.
  4. My mom, Will’s mom, our grandparents, family members and close friends have been compiling a personalized recipe book for Will and I with all of our favorite things since OCTOBER! Mom gave it to me at the shower and it was so much fun to look through it with Will and say “Ah! That stuff is so good” or “Can’t wait for you to try ___!” It was the perfect union of our family’s traditions at the table and such a sweet and thoughtful gift that we will refer to and love for years to come.
  5. We were given Mr & Mrs towels that were my great-grandmothers. Woah. They’re hand-embroidered. Woah. And absolutely my style. Even down to the fact that they’re our wedding colors haha.

There’s just something about celebrating with family. The childhood stories. The sentimental gifts. The marriage advice and encouragement from those you’ve seen live it out for your entire life. It’s just so special. And without needing to be said, I’ll say that shower #1 was a success 🙂


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