#76 – Have a year of cookies (March 2013) 8/13

Ya’ll… I almost forgot about the March cookie of the month. This could have potentially been very serious! Think about it! If I skipped a month would I have morally been obligated to start the year of cookies over??

Gracious! Well boy oh boy am I glad that I have the best mom in the world who helped me to avoid this potentially serious crisis 🙂 Thanks, mom!

Here’s how mom saved Easter/ the cookie of the month club:

My daddy was out of town on business this Easter so mommy came up to stay with me! We went shopping, worked on wedding registry things, visualized some design stuff for the wedding and my new home… and we baked. We didn’t bake just any ol’ cookie. We baked a cookie that I had actually semi-forgotten about. And how?! It’s an Easter tradition. We made… EASTER STORY COOKIES!


Now my family has made these cookies together for years! (Right along with the Easter story egg carton with the different colored eggs 🙂 ) When I saw her pull out this recipe, I got SO excited. EASTER officially felt real… and we had a March cookie of the month and a new member to the club… Welcome, Mommy!

If you’ve ever had a meringue or pecan divinity, that’s essentially what these cookies taste like (aka. SUGAR). The cool thing about them though is that you make them while reading through the Easter story and then when you finally bite into them the next morning, they’re hollow… Just like the tomb! It’s a delicious way to remember that Jesus suffered and died for us and still lives today within those who have the Holy Spirit! The tomb was empty! HE IS RISEN!


Delicious = check! Fun with mom = check! Cookie of the month = check!

Reminder of how good my Savior is to me = cha-check!


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