2013 Mr & Mrs High Cotton


Family, friends, strangers… Thank you for sticking by us and pestering your friends just as much as we pestered you to vote for us in the Mr & Mrs High Cotton competition.



What an honor and a blessing! Will & I won $1200 worth of groomsmen attire (bowties, cummerbunds, etc.) for our wedding party. PLUS High Cotton is helping us with some other wedding surprises that I just can’t even blog about yet!

Aside from being given a new title (which is FUN), we are also honored by the opportunity to share our story and encourage other couples through it. And the whole process was such a bright spot in a tough time for our family. We’re proud to have won the title for Grandad. Even when his health was declining, he was asking “how many votes we got?!” and telling everyone he saw to vote for Will & I. How precious to have his memory embedded in what I think will be the most special bowtie Will ever wears.

Again, THANK YOU! As your 2013 Mr & Mrs High Cotton… well we don’t really have duties. But we will keep you posted if we’re given any 🙂 WOOHOO! I’ve always wanted to win a crown. I guess I just needed my better half to help me out!!

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