DIY: Fancy Headboard for $50

Furniture is stinking expensive, ya’ll!!! I’m excited about moving into a home that will become my first REAL adult home to decorate and such… but I’m not trying to spend a lot of money these days, you know??

So I found THIS headboard from Target ($299.99… really??) and THIS DIY tutorial (much more reasonable) and merged the two together to make a beautiful $50 classic cream headboard with studs! My wonderful fiance and two of our besties helped me out… and I’m darn proud of our creation. Here’s how we did it:

First, Will and I shopped supplies. We got quilt batting, and plain canvas drop cloth, and spray adhesive from Walmart. Then we went to Lowes and got a piece of plywood cut to size for us (Did you know they did that for free?!) and enough bronze tacks to be spread every inch around the sides and top of the plywood. Our plywood was cut to 48×64, which is pretty typical for a queen size bed.


The next step was to cover the plywood with the quilt batting using spray adhesive. DEFINITELY do this outside. We thought about doing it inside, but I’m so glad we decided against it because with the fumes from the spray it would’ve been plain dumb! We were able to put 3 layers of quilt batting to add a little thickness. (If you wanted to have an even thicker headboard I would suggest you use foam instead of the batting.)


After we let that sit over night and really set up, we moved on to the canvas. We saved a ton of money just using a drop cloth opposed to buying the fabric. If you wanted a pattern of some sort you could use a table cloth instead. Again, an easy way to cut down on cost AND you don’t have to worry about seams or anything since it’s big enough to cover the whole thing. Now our canvas came in a package all folded up so it needed to be ironed… I burned it about 5 times… Thank goodness it was HUGE! If you have a steam cleaner, use it instead just to be safe. Once the wrinkles were out we used a staple gun on one side at a time to fasten the cloth to the back of the plywood. This was a 3 person job haha. Amy & I pulled the fabric tight and then Will stapled it. We did the top and bottom first. Then we laid it down and did the sides. It is really important that the canvas be as tight as possible. It gives it that professional upholstered look 🙂


While the rest of us were working hard, Tyler made a skirt with the extra canvas 🙂 (Just kidding… but I love that he allowed this picture to happen so that I could publicly embarrass him!)


Once the fabric was all secured we started spacing the tacks 1 inch apart about a half inch from the border of the two sides and the top of the headboard.


Then it was just a matter of getting the tacks into the plywood using a rubber mallet. (Don’t use a hammer… chances are it’ll be to tough on the tacks and bend them like crazy. Believe me… we tried it haha.) This process took FOREVER! As in, it’s still not quite done haha. But here’s what we’ve got so far! 🙂


And there it is!!! A DIY headboard for a fraction of the cost! And a lot of fun to make with friends too. Now I’ve got the DIY bug and I’m ready to tackle the dining room table, kitchen nook, and desk for the office 🙂 Definitely more DIYs to come in the next 6 months!

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