#11 – Run a half marathon at Disney.

Ya’ll! I’m a princess!


This weekend was SO. MUCH. FUN! Okay, so there were definitely some hiccups in our plans (car issues, race day issues, etc.), but we ran a stinking half marathon THROUGH Disney World! And when I say through I mean we literally ran straight through Cinderella’s castle. Talk about a magical moment 🙂


The race was challenging but the most fun 13.1 miles I’ve ever run. There was entertainment the entire way, including every Disney character imaginable (except Mickey and Minnie… weird), marching bands, Asian drumming groups, tons of cheering fans, and even a gospel choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus as we got to mile 13! Without a doubt I was entertained and encouraged every mile of the way! Not to mention I had the best supporters with me on my trip (Will, Steph, and Liz) AND at 2am I was getting texts from so many supporters afar!!! Blessings upon blessings 🙂


And with all that being said, I also broke my personal record!! This was my 2nd half marathon (so really I’ve run a full, right?!) and in my first my time was around 2:37. This time, I beat my old record by 15 minutes finishing at 2:22!!! While this is definitely an accomplishment, I have the craving now to do ANOTHER and break my newest record. I finished in the top 15% of runners so I’m definitely proud of my time… but not content… I can do better 🙂


Here’s a video of our race day beginning at 3am and ending around 8am. Sorry if you get motion sickness… but I was RUNNING!! Enjoy!


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