#31 – Set aside $10 for each goal completed & donate it to ugaMiracle. 12/101 (DM2013)

ugaMiracle was such a HUGE part of my undergraduate career. For all 4 years of college, I devoted one weekend each spring to dancing for kids who can’t. Staying up for 24 hours like a crazy person was not just a joy but a learning experience each time of God’s love for his children, especially the ones who are really sick.

If you aren’t familiar, ugaMiracle is an organization that benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (a network of hospitals that definitely played a huge part in my childhood as well). These hospitals and facilities are not just THE BEST at what they do medically, they also really care for their patients and everything they do is truly for those kids. At UGA, every year there is a 24 hour Dance Marathon in honor of those kids and throughout the entire year ugaMiracle is fundraising for those kids and those hospitals. In the past, donations from ugaMiracle has built entire physical therapy rooms, hospital transportation vehicles, and equipment for Scottish Rite and Egelston in Atlanta. I’ve had the opportunity several times to join ugaMiracle in hospital visits, and I’m telling you… its an incredible experience to see REAL kids with REAL needs working with REAL equipment that something you’re involved in REALLY purchased.

And then outside of all of that… there’s the miracle kids in my life that I remember and am so thankful for every single day. Kylie, my beautiful godsister, and Sarah, my former camper and sweet friend, ARE truly miraculous young women. Even though I didn’t make it to Dance Marathon in 2013… I was definitely dancing for them šŸ™‚

As you can tell, this goal has a lot of heart behind it. This year I was able to complete 12 goals in the months leading up to Dance Marathon 2013, and for each completed goal I was able to donate $10… not that much. BUT this is a continuous goal and it makes me so happy that there is potential in this goal to donate $1,010 to this amazing organization and cause.

I’m so proud of my wonderful friends who danced (and stood) for 24 hours this year FOR THE KIDS! Always šŸ™‚

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