#76 – Have a year of cookies (February 2013) 7/13

The month of loooooooooove. And that is just what these cookies were made with. THESE TWO beautiful women were in town and what did we do? Bake together of course! Originally the plan was raspberry with white chocolate… but then we decided we liked strawberry with milk chocolate a whole heck of a lot better. So we went with that 🙂



We literally dumped a whole bag of chocolate chips into these babies… the only question: Why the heck not?! The batter (which was essentially just strawberry cake batter) was so so delicious… practically like one of those chocolate covered strawberry goo candies at Easter.

And then the cookies were even better. YUM-MO (that one’s for you, Fenno) Yet another successful Cookie of the Month to add to the list. This is quite possibly the best club I’ve ever been a part of 🙂


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