This weekend was awesome.

Awesome thing #1. Will reminded me that unexpected fancy date nights are about my very favorite thing in the whole world. A simple call and request to “pick you up at 8” and go get cheesecake and other deliciousnesses from Last Resort… I really have the most thoughtful man there ever was. And who knows the way to my heart already! Surprises and desserts!

Awesome thing #2. Saturday was all about family. Actual kin and people who are so close they might as well be. I love that Will and I both take family matters so seriously, and that to us, family is the priority always. (Especially fun to think about when we think of the 2 families becoming 1… you know, since we’re becoming our own family soon :))

Awesome thing #3. So many friends came to town this weekend. Chessie Hessie, T Mart, Bradley & Daniel… It was a mini reunion which was so so so great. Athens is still where I call home for now and I’m surrounded by an amazing community, but something just feels right about sitting around a table with folks who know you (and have since you were a stinky little freshman) and love you so much. Not to mention the amazing life chats that happened… so good for the heart.

Refreshed, indeed. And reminded how good I have it.

What do you think?

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