DNOW 2013!

It’s always a wonderful thing to go down to Thomasville, Ga and spend time in the most endearing small town in the world. This past weekend, I got to ride down with Amy, Tyler & Fenn to go lead DNOW with the Thomasville FUMC Youth. The fun thing about this DNOW weekend, which was my 3rd with this youth group, is that I always go in thinking about how much I hope and pray that my girls will learn… but I end up taking away infinitely more than I ever expect to.

This weekend was all about TIME. Not “kronos”… the chronological time we know and love/hate. “Kairos”… God’s special time where he intervenes in our lives and we realize that the timing that we have for ourselves is minuscule in comparison.

It’s no surprise to anyone that I plan a lot. But this weekend was so encouraging to me because of the sweet reminder that regardless of the plans I make for myself in this busy life, there’s a lot more going on in God’s timing than I’m ever aware of.

Sometimes we just need to time out, time bomb, time warp, and time change.


PS. 11th & 12th grade girls are my JAM! Those girls blessed me in so many ways and I’m honored to have been a part of their small group 🙂

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