“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

            -Psalm 16:6

Today I began my women’s small group for the semester. First of all, I was reminded of how wonderful it is to be in a small group (it’s been a while). I was reminded of how beautiful the women of the Church are when they come together to study the Word and grow together by challenging one another.

Secondly, I also was reminded of the faithfulness of our God. Wow. I had no idea that I needed to learn about my inheritance… but I do… and I already am learning and its so uplifting and powerful.

So often I’m bogged down by these control freak-ish thoughts that I have to control my future because I know what’s best for me and I know exactly how my life should be. For instance, just last night I had a bit of a meltdown because in my mind I had ruined my future (which is a lie), I was only seeing my ideas as the right way (also a lie), and I was worried that my life was headed in a directed that it shouldn’t be (soooooo overdramatic… and yet another lie). So God’s message through Beth Moore’s lesson to me this morning was just the thing I needed to hear to bring my “woe is me” attitude back down to earth and realize that… Oh my gosh, my plan wasn’t right. It wasn’t even close. But this new plan… this different thing… this exciting challenge just steps ahead in the future that I wasn’t expecting at all, THAT is what the Lord is calling me to and THAT is way better than the Ginger-written plan I was so focused on before.

I think that to accept our inheritance (which is crazy awesome because of the rich God we serve… Ephesians 1:18 says so :)) a sense of humility has to be at the heart of it all, and the desire to live a life that isn’t boring must be more important to us than the desire to live a life that is comfortable.

Challenge accepted. I’m excited about the future, but I will not (at least for today) try to act like I know exactly where that future will lead. It’s all about the ride, right?

What do you think?

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