Today we hit a milestone for our wedding. Not only are we about 6 months away from the big day (aaaaah that’s so exciting), we also got the word from Athens First UMC that all systems are go and we got the church!!

Here’s the story behind the excitement. Aside from the fact that now we know without a doubt that on 7.13.13 we will be getting married, we also know that we will be getting married in a very special place to both Will and I. While Athens First UMC isn’t either of our churches (hence why we just found out that the date is ours… Nonmembers can only book 6 months ahead so my deposit has been sitting at the church for 5 months now haha), the Methodist Church is important to both Will and I. Our families both attend Methodist churches, our friendship and relationship grew through the UGA Wesley Foundation, and let’s be real… THIS CHURCH IS GORGEOUS!

We went out on a limb planning so much without truly knowing that the most important location of our wedding day was secured, but we trusted that our faith and desire to be wed in the house of God would be honored… Ding ding ding! God provides!


184 days and then here comes the bride 🙂

What do you think?

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