Who wants to be a BRIDESMAID?!

Um… Me!!!!!!

Planning a wedding is fun and all, but let’s be real… it’s also fun to be in a wedding that you’re not having to make all the arrangements for. I am so excited/ ecstatic/ enthused/ overjoyed to be the Matron of Honor (that’s right… Matron… because I’ll be married?!?!) in my sweet bestie since Kindergarten’s wedding.

Today, all of the bridesmaids got to fulfill our first bridesmaid duty. This duty was to be a tv star… real tough, right? 🙂 Claire somehow got us on Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids and we had an absolute ball spending time together, trying on and critiquing a gazillion dresses, and celebrating our beloved Claire Bear who is going to be a BRIDE this September. Wow. It’s crazy how grown up (aka old) we are becoming.

Claire gave me the most precious card today with a ton of hilarious picture of the two of us from over the years on it and it really just let me reflect on and appreciate our special friendship that much more. I can’t say that too many people have loved me for 18 years (even through the ugly middle school days) and still love me so well.

I keep raising a glass to 2013, but really… here’s to 2013. What looks like will be a pivotal year in not only my life but in the lives of so many important people around me. It’s going to be amazing… and we’re going to be on tv 🙂

What do you think?

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