HAPPY 2013!!

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

While I’m not making a “resolution”, I am resolving to take care of myself this year: body, mind, and spirit.

Body: Will and I want to run a 5k every month this year. It’s our 2013 goal. And something really fun to do together! I also want to go Paleo once again… I’ll tell you what, my body craaaaaves some veggies these days so I’m going to listen and give my body what it wants.

Mind: I will not stress. I will not be consumed with trivial things. I will focus on what is important. My friends, my family, and my future (but not to the point where I’m planning my life away).

Spirit: Ooma gave me a Guidepost Planner for 2013. Every day it has a verse and room to reflect and write about thoughts and prayers for that day. Through daily devotion (as well as hopefully a women’s small group) my prayer is to give God every minute of every day. Frank Laubach prayed in his journal of 1937 “I want to give you every minute of this year. I shall try to keep you in mind every moment of my waking hours”… And that’s my prayer as well 🙂

So here’s to 2013. The year Will and I will become a married couple. The year I will begin teaching in my own classroom. And the year that a lot of my little girl dreams become big girl realities. Here we go!

What do you think?

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