A well-spent break

Man oh man… These past 3 weeks have been superb. I haven’t blogged because aside from spending quality time with friends and family I haven’t done too much… WHICH IS AMAZING! I honestly don’t remember the last time that I had 3 weeks away from Athens with no assignments, no applications, no nothing! May have been a first… ever! And I could not be more thankful.

I tend to be really good at forgetting to rest and take time to appreciate simplicity. While I really do prefer the simple things, life starts happening and all of the sudden I’m scheduling days with 10 minutes to myself. This break was the rejuvenating kind with visits to friends and family but also a great bit of downtime where I was able to nap on the couch (a favorite past time of mine for sure!)

Also, while resting and reflecting on an amazing year in my life, I reflected a lot of the life on Jesus and what his birth meant/ means for me. If you ask me, that’s what the Christmas season and every season should be about.

So indeed… a well-spent break.

Just wish it could have been twice as long!

What do you think?

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