Appliances, shower curtains, and mango salsa, Oh My!

What do these things all have in common?? They’re on our wedding registry 🙂 (Well… we took the salsa off, but it would still be a welcomed gift!)

Will and I had a lot of fun buzzing around Target, Kohls, and various other stores this weekend trying to plan out our dream registry for our dream house. Funny story… it’s hard to plan out all of the needs/wants of a dream house when you have NO CLUE what kind of “dream house” you’ll end up in. We could be in a house… an apartment… a shack. Who knows?!

But all in all the best part was just dreaming up our future together. The meals we will make. The parties we will host. The DIY projects we will create. The actual items on the list definitely weren’t as important as dreaming up the memories those items will help us make when we’re a family.

Home sweet home… I can’t wait for wherever/ whatever that is.

What do you think?

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