#95 – Give a bag of clothes to someone in need.

I have TOO MANY clothes. It’s ridiculous. Confession: I’m a bit of a hoarder. But just with clothes! (I promise!) I seriously looked in my closet the other day and realized that I still had a sweater that I wore for Picture Day… in the 10th grade! Now here’s a moment that seriously makes me feel old… that was nearly 7 years ago!!!!

For this reason (and the reason that my closet will be merging with another closet in 8 months), I decided it was time to fill up a bag and find someone to take it to. Immediately I knew who the clothes were meant for. Small sizes… probably mostly things I wore in high school… I’m teaching at a high school… Ding ding ding! My students!

This semester I was placed at a high school that many of my previously middle school students attend. Some of the girls in my current class were just babies a few years ago when I first met them. Now they’re young ladies with jobs and boyfriends and real life struggles that I’m blessed enough to have them confide in me about. One of the girls in particular is very self-conscious about her clothing. She comes from a big family and basically everything she owns was once her sister’s or her cousin’s. I wanted to give her especially something, even just one shirt or scarf, of her very own.

Well… she took the whole bag. Hahaha. I seriously thought that of the 20 shirts there would be something that didn’t suit her fancy… WRONG! It was amazing to me to watch this beautiful girl pick up these clothes that I honestly didn’t appreciate or value much anymore and absolutely swoooooooon. You would have thought that it was Christmas Day!

I’m always a fan of donating to clothes closets or homeless shelters. But there was something about having a name and a face come to mind and then seeing that face light up with every new item pulled from the bag that really did something to me today. Never in my life will I let a sweater hang in my closet for 7 years… because now I know what kind of an impact something that I daily take for granted can have in the life of another.

Challenges = lessons. I love this.

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