“Will you be our wedding party?!”

Will and I popped 14 questions this week. That’s right… the wedding party question. We wanted to do something to 1. get the point across 2. be unique 3. incorporate details of our wedding that we’ve already set and 4. be something we could do together.

So how did we do it?! COOKIES! (You people are probably thinking I’m obsessed with baking… You might be right.)

This was actually Will’s idea (kudos!) and it really ended up being a lot of fun. We baked together, delivered the majority of the cookies together, and got to see and hear the reactions of some of our dearest friends saying “YES!” It was like the proposal all over again 🙂

The girls got dresses (that kind of looked like seafoam green ghosts) and the boys got bowties (which were mistaken for dog bones that said ZBB a lot…) While our idea was superb, our cookie baking artistic abilities weren’t the prettiest… but they got the point across! And that’s what mattered! And they were seafoam and peach, which are our colors. And had the date of the wedding on them (you know… so the wedding party can mark their calendars).



The best part about it to me was that each reaction was unique to the person we gave it to. Claire (after a little confusion as to why Will and I wanted to bake at 1am) cried and squealed and jumped around. Gordon gasped a little. Hester had the most gleeful shriek. Stephie had the most exaggerated. Amy had cute giggles and hugs. Tyler… thought his cookie cake said ZBB… (they all had our wedding date on them – 7.13.13). Chad went “aww”. Marie got teary-eyed over FaceTime. Fenn said she needed to think about it (hah!). Chris took a break from his book-writing. Sarah and Matthew received theirs together at Two Story (how appropriate haha) while FaceTiming Will. Taylor devoured his cookie in one bite. And Jacob will get some mail soon!


(Ps… These were some of our first… They got better as we practiced haha… But pretty cute, huh?)

And there they are… OUR WEDDING PARTY!

Not only was it really fun for Will and I both to be involved, it was also just a lot of fun to reflect on why we love these 14 people so much and how much of an impact each of them have had on us as individuals and as a couple.

So thankful for all of the many people we’ve been blessed with! And SO excited to share the next 8.5 months planning with these folks! WOO! Weddingggggg!

What do you think?

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