Pretty little things.

My friends are so talented.

When Will and I were starting to plan our wedding, we decided that we wanted to use the many gifts our friends have to make our wedding more personalized and meaningful. Our hope was/is also to bless those friends of ours along the way!

Lindsay Day is not only a beautiful friend but also a BEAUTIFUL artist. I’m telling you, this girl can do it all. Painting, drawing, graphic design. So we recruited her to do… basically everything 🙂 Linds is making us lots of fun printy things (like invites and save the dates and stuff) as well as helping me get in touch with my artsy self for some cool decor for the wedding! Not going to lie, I’m most in love with the font that she DESIGNED and is using on all of our wedding things. Talented, people. So talented!

Here’s the first pretty little thing Lindsay made:


STATIONARY!! Wooooohoooooooo!

Fun fact about Ginger: I looooooooove letters. Words of affirmation is my #1 love language and I just find words so important. So thank you notes, thinking of you cards, life update letters… They’re all my fave. And now Lindsay has given Will and I a tool to do all of these things with BOTH of our names written on it. Woah. Things are getting official 🙂

Check out more of Lindsay’s stuff:

What do you think?

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