#38 – Complete 10 random acts of kindness. 2/10

Jimmy John’s subs are my FAVORITE! If you ever want to make my day, just go get me a Billy Club and a pickle and I’ll squeal and cry like its Christmas.

So naturally when I found out that today JJ’s was selling $1 subs for Customer Appreciation Day (aka Holla fo a Dolla!), I made sure that my schedule allowed me to make the walk up Baxter and grab some sandwichy goodness.

Now, I bet you’re wondering where the kindness comes into play. I returned home and was about to Instagram my sandwich (because that’s what people do with food they love) when I saw a friend of mine. This friend is very dear to me and one that I don’t often know how to show my thankfulness and gratitude to. She made a comment about my sandwich and before I even knew what I was doing I said, “They’re selling them for a dollar and I got this one for you” *hands over beloved Billy*

While at first she fought me on it, I could tell in her expression that this sandwich meant a lot more to her than it did to me (who had already eaten lunch and didn’t really neeeeed anymore food for the afternoon). Being able to give without regret is a blessing. Sacrificing a sandwich was the least I could do for a person that does so much for me every day, but the coolest thing is that when we sacrifice for others, we get to reap the benefits as well. Immediately I knew that my small gift held more of an impact than I could have expected.

Jimmy John’s still has sandwiches for $1. Until 3pm. Who could you love on with the gift of a meal today? #perspective

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