#76 – Have a year of cookies (October 2012) 3/13

It’s fall, ya’ll!

That means its time for… PUMPKIN COOKIES!

I love the Christmas season, but I’m convinced that October is the most wonderful time of the year. Leaves falling, crisp (not not freezing) air, pumpkin carving, boot wearing… and my birthday!

But these cookies may have just thrown it over the top! With the help of my lovely friends, we made Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies with a Cinnamon Icing Glaze… Talk about fall flavors. Yummo!


The flash from my camera makes them look a bright yellow color (which they weren’t), but just trust me… the critics LOVED THEM! See?!


The recipe was super simple and didn’t take us long as all to bake. But there was a really funny thing that happened before all the baking began… So Classic City has a ginormous pecan tree in front of the ministry center. During the service weekend, which I need to blog about soon, we made a game of eating a lot of fresh pecans. And nothing is better than one straight from the tree… unless its in a pumpkin oatmeal cookie, right?!





Well, Fenn picked a bunch of pecans and then worked all afternoon at shelling them. She didn’t even use a nutcracker!! It was intense. So we’re all excited about the pecans to put in our cookies and Fenn says “hey! Let’s roast them!” I’m fine with the raw nuts, but I think what can it hurt? It’ll be a nice flavor…


Womp womp… Haha! We straight BURNED the beautiful fresh pecans. Note to everyone: 7 minutes in the oven is too long to roast pecans. Haha. It was actually just really funny and we laughed and kept on baking. But man… next time we make those cookies, we’re saving the pecans from the oven!

Another successful cookie to add to the list! We found the recipes at allrecipes.com. Yum yum yum!


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