#76 – Have a year of cookies (September 2012) 2/13

It’s that time again. Another cookie of the month was born on Friday night. Boy, was it a good one! Introducing: The YOLO Cookie! This peanut butter cookie had an amazing little surprise in the middle.

That’s right! A ROLO in the center of a peanut butter cookie… You only live once, people. That’s the motto! So you need this cookie to be somewhere in that lifetime. It’s an excellent addition to the cookie of the month club 🙂


These lovely ladies made the perfect assembly line and embedded little ROLOs in the center of every cookie for a lovely surprise. The finished product of their efforts:


After a fun-filled day of wedding dress shopping (yeah… that happened… I’m still smiling about my gown decision 🙂 ) these cookies were the perfect way to celebrate and usher in the weekend! Again, you only live once… Therefore, eat cookies.

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