#35 – Take a picture by every “Welcome to” state sign. 3/50

Not only did I have an AMAZING weekend with my youthies (which I’ll detail more in another post),  but I also got to work on some goal achieving! Wahoo!

So obviously we started in Georgia… But we were leaving, so the first state to be photographed was SOUTH CAROLINA!

To get this picture we had quite the adventure. Josh and I got chased by dogs, completely confused our co-leaders, abandoned the youth in the car (it was off… don’t worry), and got this hilarious picture by pure accident:

Josh just happened to capture this moment of insanity on my part… I cry laughing every time I see it. Too much.

Then we made our way to NORTH CAROLINA!

And that’s where we spent our weekend learning about community and having an absolutely ridiculously wonderful time with the youth of Classic City Community Church. (Again, more details later… it deserves a post of its own.)

Finally, we came back home sweet home to GEORGIA!

I was excited to get 3 of the 50 states this weekend, and even more excited that my friends were supportive of stopping on the side of the road to capture these moments.

Roadtrips = love.

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