When I woke up on Friday…

… the last thought on my mind was “oh hey, I’m probably going to get engaged today”. But let me tell you what, IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!


THAT is my hand, and THAT is my ring. My beautiful, one-of-a-kind, designed by the man I love, goooooorgeous ring that I will wear every single day for the rest of my life.


So do you want to know how this lovely thing came to sit upon my undeserving hand?? Let’s start from the beginning:

  • Thursday night, my dear brotherly friend Tyler asked if we could go on a bro/sis date the following morning at 9am. I asked if he would pick me up and he said no (which at the time didn’t make too much sense and I thought he was being a turd… but all is definitely forgiven now).
  • So Friday morning, I wake up, have a meeting with one of my staffers, and head off to Chicfila to meet my brother for breakfast. When I got there I started searching the menu for a Paleo breakfast option that wasn’t a fruit cup. I asked “Is there any grilled chicken on the breakfast menu?” and a voice from behind me answered saying “No they don’t have that in the mornings…” Now my first thought was that it was just Tyler answering my question. Then I noticed that Tyler was standing to my right and the voice definitely came from behind. I whipped around to see my handsome then-boyfriend and FREAKED OUT!!!! Another surprise weekend! Lucky me! (I had no idea how lucky… gosh).


  • From there, Will gave me an envelope telling me that it was Friday Funday (the BEST!) and that I needed to cancel all of the plans I had made because I was unavailable for the next 2 days. I was stinking confused but still not suspecting a thing. That is how great my man is, America. He wisks me away for a surprise weekend adventure and I just think its normal. BLESSED!
  • Will and I spent the first half of our day at the Georgia State Botanical Gardens (the place where he asked me to be his girlfriend). As we were hiking around I had moments when I thought “ok… this could be the day”, but when it came down too it I was having so much fun monkeying around with my better half that I didn’t even really take too much time to ponder it. And does that look like a boy who is about to pop the question? No. No nerves, no sweaty palms, no hints at all!


  • After our adventures were done, another note appeared telling me to pack my bags because we were headed out of town for the weekend. We went back to my apartment and I packed all the things on the list he had given me. Then I was ready to GO! We were literally on our way out the door and he gave me another note telling me that it was time to wear “the dress”. Now, this dress has a story of its own. Remember the weekend when we went to Pebble Hill and then he took me shopping for the perfect dress? Well, this is THAT dress. A dress that I suspected to be for a very special occasion… maybe an engagement party? But I honestly didn’t know what it was for. All I knew on Friday afternoon was that I had one hour to shower and get beautiful, and then me, Will, and the dress were off for a really exciting evening (Bah, no joke!)
  • I got cute. He got cute. And then again, I was ready to GO!!!! Surprises are my favorite, but the anxiety kills me (and Will knows that too well so he was thoroughly enjoying torturing me all day haha). We headed out Lexington Rd, a direction I did not expect, and were on our adventure! Then Will started making these turns coincidentally every time there was a sign with a little airplane and an arrow. The next thing I know we’re pulling into the Athens airport. What?!?! He runs inside for a minute to “pick up something” and then before I knew it he was back at the car grabbing the bags and telling me to follow him. At this point, I was VERY suspicious but still completely confused. Our good pilot friend Daniel was waiting inside for us and yep, we rode on a tiny airplane. I called it my private jet 🙂 The best part of the whole plane ride though was that I had NOT ONE CLUE where we were going… I think that says a lot about my trust in Will… and in Daniel haha.


  • So we’re flying (what?!) and I don’t know where to. Then about an hour later, we land. I see a hangar for Flowers Foods (where Will works) and got completely even more confused until Will told me that we had just landed in Thomasville, GA. What?! We flew to Thomasville?! Hahaha. I was just baffled.
  • We get in his truck which was conveniently parked outside the Thomasville airport (like it had been planned or something…) and he starts driving. So I ask what the heck we’re going to be doing in Thomasville, and he replies “Thomasville is that way” while pointing behind us. So the mystery continues!!!! We pull into this GORGEOUS farm and “When She Comes Around” by Ben Rector is playing on his cd player, and at that moment… I knew.


  • We get out of the truck and start walking toward this dock. With a rug and bench and candle and sunflower and guitar. Magic, people, magic. I’m already crying by this point (as I am now haha) and we’re holding hands so tight that I think my fingers might go numb.


  • We sit down and he starts playing his guitar… more magic. For those of you that don’t know Will Collins (or for those of you who do haha), he is crazy talented on the guitar and has really only been playing for about a year now. But he has been writing some stuff… stuff that he sang on Friday night. Bahhhhh, perfect, right!? So he gets to one part in a song that he had never let me hear before and stops. I ask “Can I hear it now?!” and he says… “no”. So then I’m second-guessing myself again (that sounds ridiculous to me now… but it really happened).


  • He puts the guitar away and as he is standing back up… I see the box. At that point I LOSE IT! 🙂


  • To have your best friend in the entire world drop to one knee and ask if you will be his wife… There just isn’t anything that you can compare that moment to. Of course I said YESSSSSSSSSS! And then he put a ring on it. Wow. That happened.
  • After we spotted the paparazzi and had a squeal-fest, Will said we had to go to make our reservation time at Jonah’s. I insisted on calling my mom (girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!) and before she even answered I was BOOHOOing (little did I know that she and my dad and Will’s family and some of our closest friends were actually waiting for us at Jonah’s!… and that the whole BOOHOOing “Moooommyyyyyy” conversation was put on speaker for them all to hear hahaha).
  • From there we spent time with our dear family and friends for a WHOLE ENGAGEMENT WEEKEND!!!

There’s so much more. Many more details and feelings… but for now I’ll leave it at this.

I’m going to be Mrs. William Edward Collins Jr. And I could not be more excited, blessed, and in awe. I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world because I get to marry the best boy there is, and no one can convince me otherwise.

11 thoughts on “When I woke up on Friday…

  1. Skylar Lunsford says:

    Ginger! I can’t believe your getting married! I’m so excited for you! Congratulations! ❤

    -Skylar Lunsford ❤

  2. Sharon Hendrix says:

    I am a friend of Beth, and she wanted me to see this. She is the very proud grandma. This is beautiful. I used to work at H&R Block with Beth. Thank you for sharing your very special story. It is beautiful.

  3. Ken & Patsy Dasher says:

    Congratulations to you both! Yes, you are a very blessed young lady & sounds like he too is blessed to have you say “yes”. Beautiful story! You told it well & your excitement was felt throughout the story. Wil does come from a very special family that we’ve shared sweet times with. Pray all goes well for the wedding & your lives together. Now praying for Will’s granddaddy, Bobby. Love to you all

  4. JoAnn Garrison says:

    I don’t Will but he seems perfect for you, he brings you joy. I do know Ginger and Brad were beside themselves. Congratulations to you and Will. Love the story.

  5. Kathy Benton says:

    Ginger, I don’t know you, but, Welcome to Thomasville. Congratulations on your engagement. Will seems like a great young man with lots of potential. lol. He seems to definitely be a keeper.

  6. Judith Glover says:

    This is a great true story. Only a very special kind of guy would go into this much detail to propose to a a very special kind of girl. What a beginning and what a celebration! How can the wedding top this?

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