#48 – Try to eat a tomato… Ehhhh.

Well, world, I did it. I had a tomato put on a plate by a lovely friend of mine (Ms. Allie Briner) and I did not push it to the side. I conquered my fear of tomatoes… Here’s how it went down. And yes, this is really THAT big of a deal for me haha.

Allie invited me to dinner. Whenever I get an invitation to dinner and then that person says they will cook for me, I clear my schedule immediately and am there the next free night I have because I LOOOOOOVE cooking… and being fed 🙂 I think that becoming better in the kitchen is a goal for me this year. I like to bake. I like to cook. I’m even kinda good at both when I take the time to do it, but that’s the thing… it takes time. And I’m more of a convenience gal. So all that being said: dinner invitation + home-cookin by Allie + cleared schedule = well-fed & very happy Ginger.

This is what she made: The Brie-L-T Crepe from Pauley’s. Dyyyyyyyingggggg. Sooooooo goooooood.

And you see that tomato there?

I ate it. 🙂 And LIKED IT! WHAT?!?!?! My life has been changed, ya’ll. Ginger can eat a tomato, not gag, and actually really enjoy and appreciate it. My food palette just matured so much!

And as if that wasn’t enough: The Strawberry Nutella Crepe also from Pauley’s.

Are you drooling? Because you should be. I had 2!! 🙂 Sidenote: Obviously I wasn’t eating Paleo haha. But this was on Funday Friday (the replacement for Sunday Funday this week) so I indulged… big time.

As if all this lovin’ wasn’t enough, I also got to spend the whole day today with Allie and my other amazing Connection youth co-leaders. It was an awesome day planning, dreaming, and praying for the upcoming year and what is in store for our youth group at Classic City Community Church. Blessed, blessed, blessed with such a wonderful leadership family. And tomorrow we get to see our kiddos after a long summer! WOOHOO!

Life is good. Tomatoes are good (what?!) And another goal accomplished 🙂

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