Paleo Update

Going strong, ya’ll!!! I even have my mom and my friend Lauren joining me!! We definitely celebrate Sunday Funday, but it’s not out of control (unless cookies get involved…)

This whole lifestyle change (because I don’t like calling it a diet) has really taught me a ton about self-control and discipline. My focus isn’t on my weight or my pants size. It’s really just about how I feel, how much energy I have, and how treating my body well puts other things into perspective too. Being able to say no to froyo becomes an avenue to stand up for something. A way to share deeper thoughts with people. Who knew that a lifestyle change (diet) could lead to such powerful conversations.

Since I began Paleo, I have also been more consistent in my daily quiet times with the Lord (something I’m so bad about being disciplined in). I’ve realized physically, emotionally, and spiritually that discipline is important. Something that I’ve longed to really take seriously forever but just never have.

Life is good. And busy. But that is good too. And it’s definitely a learning experience. Day by day, my friends. Day by day.

What do you think?

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