Crossing the line…

Friday night was the annual RussWell VolleyBash Tournament. This is a much looked forward to volleyball tournie that takes place between the Creswell and Russell staffs to conclude RA training! WOO!

This year was my first year on the Russell side of the net, and no big deal… but we won 🙂 Yep, I crossed the line from Creswell to Russell and could not have been more proud of my team. So much encouragement. So much patience. And so much joy at our sweet victory! Nothing like a team sport to really pull the team together!

I am loving my Russell Community so so very much and am excited to see how we can grow and lead alongside each other this year! I have a feeling that big things are in store for us all. It’s off to a beautiful start, and I’m ready for those residents to get here and get this show on the road!!

In other news, many friends are starting to trickle back in to Athens! YAY!! But this is also a reminder that many of my friends are off to new places and new adventures and won’t be returning for a while… New York, California, maybe Texas, maybe Africa, Atlanta, McDonough, Thomasville… All of the above have people in them that hold special places in my heart. On that sentimental note, I’ll leave you with this. Listen and be sentimental with me. Good things are to come for us all down these roads we take. Blessed to know you all.

What do you think?

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